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Monday 20 March 2017

Trends for 2017

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     Trends for 2017

     What are the trends this year? Well they're awesome and I'm sure you'll love them as much as I do! It was difficult making a smaller list of trends because there are SO. MANY. I chose to highlight my personal favorites in a countdown order to my top favorite. Trends are exciting especially when something new and different comes to the surface! It means we'll be getting change in design direction with our clients and maybe even some fun new products! 

Starting the countdown at 7 (it's my favorite number)

   7. Geometric Patterns.

    Let's go back to high school! Just kidding, let's not do that... but think back to your geometry class. Shapes like Hexagons, Octagons, Rhombii, and Parallelograms are all examples of geometric shapes! Add them to your home in a colorful textile, floor tile, or maybe an eccentric light, planter or chair!


   6. Warm Metals

   We've seen lots of silver, and brushed nickel and it's time to make things a bit more interesting! When you're picking out that hardware for your cabinets, consider a shiny or brushed bronze, brass or copper! This will add warmth and sophistication to your space. 

    5. Decor

     2017 is expected to bring about a quirky harmony to the world of design. We have so many styles that have accumulated over the decades and 2017 is carving an almost eclectic spin on all of those styles. Some great decor examples to add to your home are: Whimsical light fixtures, plants, large floral printed patterns, geometric printed patterns, upholstered headboards and anything in the jewel tone color family. 

    4. Textures

    Lots of texture. I think I'm most excited about the classic look of velvet coming back! The top textures that have been starting to show up this year have included velvet, terracotta, cork, leather, parchment, cerused wood, rusted metal looks, shagreen, and matte black. 

    Mixed textures is also definitely a new trend that we've been seeing show up in the past few years. Mixing something old with something new, something inspired by nature with an industrial element, simlicity with glamour and something raw with something polished. 

   3. Marble

   Yes, this gets it's own number. It's coming back and it's coming back strong. I've been seeing marble and the marble look everywhere! Just the other day I saw someone's laptop skin done in a white marble look. A great thing about this look is that if you wanted to do a tiled shower or backsplash, there are some great porcelain options out there. We have several lovely marble look porcelains here in our showroom so you get the gorgeous look with the ease of care!

   2. Mixed Patterns

     We've been seeing this in the fashion industry and now it's making a move to the interior designs of our homes. Geometric, large floral, greenery, and jungle/rainforest patterns are all included on the list of hot patterns for 2017. Let your creativity bloom and choose some lovely patterns to mix in some throw pillows or artwork. 

   1. Jewel Tones

    I am most excited about this trend. I love all of them but this one is going to be so much fun to work into our clients designs if they so choose to be a part of this trend. Jewel tones are exactly what they sound like. Those rich, deep colors that we see in gems! Sapphire blue, amethyst purple, golden topaz, ruby red, and emerald green are all examples of jewel tones.

    As for the neutral tones, gray will still dominate along with navy making more of a scene. Pale pinks are expected to show up in appliances such as vintage stoves and refrigerators. Expect to see more raw and earthy blacks, bone whites and sandy beiges. 

      Can you imagine it? Your beautiful living room with an antique purple, velvet upholstered sofa, a jungle leaf print throw pillow, gray cerused wood floor, a marble top coffee table, a beautiful weeping fig plant in a quirky bone white planter and you curled up on that cozy sofa enjoying a hot cup of tea (or coffee, or wine, or whatever you like haha). The point is, there are some really awesome trends here in 2017 and together they create a very lively, sophisticated and creative niche in the design world.  

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