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Thursday 18 August 2016

Spice up your fireplace with these ideas!
Spice up your fireplace with these ideas!

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    Dreaming about adding a fireplace to your home or looking to turn the one you have up a notch? Here's three ideas for you!
   ♦ Use textured or patterned wall tiles!
    You can get textured or patterned wall tiles in so many different colors, patterns and textures! They will add interest and dimension to any room. To achieve more of a statement with your fireplace choose colors/patterns that will contrast to the rest of the room.





     ♦ A unique mantle.

      This tip all depends on your style, you can go anywhere from traditional, to contemporary, to rustic here. If you are a lover of the rustic style, Floorology's very own Tim makes beautiful rustic mantles (as shown in pictures of stacked stone fireplace) that can surely add a natural feel to your fireplace. 




    ♦ Stacked stone.

     This is probably my personal favorite. It delivers a statement yet there's something simple and rustic about using it! A stacked stone fireplace makes me think a cave in the side of a mountain! If you love bring the outdoors into your home, you may really fall in love with stacked stone incorporated with you fireplace!




      Most importantly, put your personality into it! Incorporate your style into a statement piece such as a fireplace. Here at Floorology we truly value this aspect of a design; your personal touch is key to achieving a "one of a kind" home. Let us know if you have any questions! We would love to answer them! 


photo courtesy of Floorology and Dal-tile Distributuion, Inc.