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Our Pricing Strategy

     We have found that consumers who follow the common advice to get three bids and then take the lowest one often get exactly what they have paid for - or more accurately, what they did not pay for.  For example, many consumers find the best surgeon they can get, the most expensive home and neighborhood they can afford, and the best college their children can get into.  Yet many believe they can hire the least expensive contractor and be happy with the results.

     That said, our pricing strategy is based on our treating clients the way we wish to be treated- being professional, fair, honest, doing good work, communicating well with our customers and keeping the schedule- as well as the level of experience and professionalism of our staff and installation team. 

     We realize our business strategy - and pricing- is not for everyone, but we have come to see that clients who value these things are happy to invest with our company and continue to come back for more and refer tons of business our way.